Terms of Club

By joining our club (Avenger Motorcycle Club), you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully. These terms govern your use of this website, our forms, our products, features, app, and services we offer.

Reference to "club" in this document refers to Avenger Motorcycle Club. "Events" referred herein the document means motorcycle rides, meet ups, sponsered events, travel events or any adventure activities.

Websites terms of service are listed separately. Those terms additionally become part of your agreement with us if you join the club.

Reference to "admin team" in the document refers to riders who organise and manage the club. Each club chapter has it's designated admin team.
  • Avenger Motorcycle Club is open to all for owners or riders of Bajaj Avenger motorcycle. Riders of any other motorcycles are not allowed to be member of the club.
  • To become a member of the club, you have to first sign up on our website or the admins of the club can assign you the account. Additionally you should have valid Driving License, Vehicle Registration (RC Book), Insurance, PUC and any document which is required for compliance with local law.
  • You have to carry all the vechicle documents mentioned above on all the club events conducted by Avenger Motorcycle Club or its partner clubs.
  • You recieve the badge & sticker of the club as an when you come over for the any club event.
  • Avenger Motorcycle Club is touring club & does not encourage any kind of racing, stunts, or rash driving. Club's objective is to promote safe riding.
  • Drink & Drive/Ride is strictly prohibited. Consumption of any narcotic substances is not allowed in any of the club events.
  • Basic safety gear such as helmet, & shoes are mandatory for you as well as anyone coming with you at the club events (may be as a pillion). We encourage you to wear full safety gear like riding gloves, and jacket at club events.
  • You will be responsible for safety of yourself & anyone with you (may be as a pillion) at the club events. The club won't be responsible for any accident or mishap that will happen at the club events. Participation in any event is at the sole discretion of the members of Avenger Motorcycle Club. You are not entitiled to or cannot claim any compensation at any time either from the club, organizers of the event, core team, admin team or anyone supporting or sponsering the event.
  • You are not allowed to use club logos without permission except the use cases mentioned herein terms of club & terms of website.
  • Any photo(s) & video(s) taken by you during club events which contains more than one motorcycle or club rider in the photo(s)/video(s) shall be watermarked with club logo and then only be used at all places or social media. Any solo photo of yourself needs not to be watermarked.
  • Political/Slang/Pornographic related discussions are not to be discussed in the official club groups and online social communities or forums like Facebook or our website (www.avengermotorcycle.club).
  • Personal grudges amongst any of the club members; whether in club events or any social platforms or forums will not be encouraged & tolerated. Abuse, insult and foul language will not be tolerated in the club.
  • Club reserves the right to make decision to handle any situation where terms of club does not apply or wherever necessary.
  • If you are not attending club events for more than 6 months, then the admin team as standard process to remove you from the club by informing the you by Whatsapp or Email or SMS.
  • This document is updated from time to time, the admin team reserves the right to change these terms of club whenever they feel necessary with or without prior notification to all members